What begun as a dream, it is now reality. And honestly, what was a dream, became a nightmare.
American Hawk

American Hawk is a comic book series about James Ericsson, an ex-pilot and journalist whose father was a war II veteran and his dream was to be a hero. A World War Three takes place and the americans comes up with a plan named "Project Hawk", that would give to a human being the abilities of a hawk. James accepts being part of the project and becomes the superhero American Hawk, which was originally meant to be a propaganda device to the United States during the war.

American Hawk is the first comic book series to be launched by Vector Comics, a second sub-division of Vector Gaming, Inc., with the first one being Vector Arts. Two other comic books, named Striker Gunblade and Storm Revolt have been announced to be released sometime after the first volume of American Hawk.



Main Characters

  • American Hawk / James Ericsson
    A retired pilot, after dreams of following his father's career were crushed due an accident that killed his best friend, Kyle Newman. He became a journalist who heard about the Project Hawk through the reporter and his new best friend on the journal, Maria Johnson. After being accepted to be the test subject of the American Hawk project, the project works and American Hawk is sent to the frontlines to help the other army members at the war.
  • Maria Johnson / Crimson Crusader
    A journalist and secretly a spy working for the American government as a double agent against America's opponent during the Third World War, under the name of Alyona Azarov. Also known as the Crimson Crusader, a nightwatcher who protects the innocents during the night.


  • Bogdan Valentin
    The ditactor of Russian, considered a war hero who got elected and begun a system with his twisted views of society, killing everyone that he thought was actually cursed by the god that he believes in. Also known for being an engineer, he built and created many weaponry and armor for his army and the one that originally came with the American Hawk project.



Film adaptation


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