Official Artwork
Full Name Ameri
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location The Free Void
Class Normal Person
Ameri is the right-hand man to King Alkatraz in The Eric Four Saga. He is a very overlooked character, but is expected to have a prominent role in any Eric Four Saga spin-offs.


Not much is shown of Ameri's personality when he appears, but it can be devised that he is loyal, as he often sticks by King Alkatraz's side. He also appears to be hardworking.


Ameri has light yellow hair, pale skin, and wears a Royal Advisor (Voidverse) shirt that all of Alkatraz's helpers are to wear, as well as Royal Help gray pants and shoes. His eyes are a blue-green, almost teal color.


King Alkatraz

Ameri works for King Alkatraz.

Eric Four

Ameri meets Eric while with Alkatraz.



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