Amber Zednik
Full Name Amber Nicola Zednik
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Topoľčany, Slovakia
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Blaze Zednik (sister)
Ability/ies Strong PSI powers, High IQ
Nationality Slovakia
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 4'10"
First Appearance Amy vs The Future

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Amber is a human from Slovakia. She has got an extremely powerful brain.


Amber has got long brunette hair, a blue jacket, black jeans and pink boots. Her eyes are dark blue and she also has a black fingerless glove on her right hand.


Amber spent her first 6 years in the European area, growing up in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. When she was 6, she moved to Los Angeles, to start a new life. She seemed to fit into the new area fine, and mixed in near-perfectly. However, she was included in an accident with Krystal, in which Krystal, with her new electric powers, gave Amber a large shock, and almost fried her stomach, but she pulled through the shock and came out on the other side with electric powers (somehow), and continued with the powers, like nothing happened. Unaware of her sister being a spy, she hasn't been rattled all that much. She also has an extremely strong brain, that can work like a supercomputer at times, being very powerful, and giving Amber extremely high IQ.


Amber is fun-loving most of the time, always looking at everything in a positive manner, even if something extremely bad is happening.


  • Amber's IQ is supposedly between 250-300.