Amaura (Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup)
Amaura, a character in Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup.
Full Name Amaura
Gender Male
Class Hero, Racer
Amaura's Mother, Team Skull (friends)
First Appearance Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup
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Amaura is a character in Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup.


Family and Friends

Amaura's Mother

Amaura's Mother is obviously Amaura's mother. She cheers for Amaura when he's racing.

Powers and Ablities

Character Info in Fantendo Kart: Amaura Cup

Image Name Class Stats Special Item
698Amaura Amaura Speed Speed - 5/5
Weight - 1/5
Acceleration - 2/5
Handling - 2/5
Drift - 3/5
Off-Road - 4/5
Refrigerator Shield - This special item, when activated, will make Amaura generate an ice shield around himself, which will protect against attacks and will damage characters that bump into him. This shield will last for thirteen seconds, then will disappear.
Image Name Description Pairs with this character Class Stats
Amaura's Kart (FK- AC) Amaura's Kart A light kart that takes a while to accelerate to full speed, then it will outspeed other karts somewhat. Also, it slows down less when off-road. Light karts will have a hard time not being bumped off the track by heavy karts. Amaura Speed Speed - 5/5
Weight - 1/5
Acceleration - 1/5
Handling - 3/5
Drift - 3/5
Off-Road - 5/5