AmaranthIconAmaranth Baudin
Concept art of Amaranth (previously Lycoris) by Drebbles (tbc)
Full Name Amaranth Alegria Baudin
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Phoenix Human
Location Plourde City
Current Status Alive
Class White Mage
Main Weapon(s) Stave
Ability/ies Healing, magic, levitation, wit
Vulnerable To Dark magic
Nationality Gintrudian
Height 4'11"
Series The Last Valkyrie
Amaranth Alegría Baudin, also known by her nickname Licorice, is an integral character to the plot of The Last Valkyrie. Ellie first meets her when she visits the Fabron Academy in northern Gintrude on a mission to find a special person there. Amaranth, who had been studying there as a mage of light, claims to be this, and Ellie skeptically accepts it. Later on, it is revealed that Amaranth is actually a Phoenix, a magical being who doesn't age and is reborn when they die. In addition to being the token white mage in Ellie's party, Amaranth also serves as a guide in areas around Gintrude and is also needed to progress farther in the game.


Amaranth looks like a young teenage schoolgirl with long, black hair and a light skin complexion. She always wears her schoolgirl outfit and dress shoes, unless the player changes her outfit at the special clothing shops around the world. She prefers not to expend energy running and instead uses her powers to float slightly off the ground, giving her great speed but also making it easier for attacks to knock her back. In addition to her body, she also keeps a large green bow suspended in the air near her head at all times, which she uses when she has to make physical attacks. When performing magical attacks or spells, she uses a staff, eventually switching to the Revêr Staff during the story for maximum effectiveness.

In terms of personality, Amaranth is a happy-go-lucky individual with incredible optimism. Although she cares about her friends and her mission, she rarely lets bad events get her down, and is almost never angry or even sad. When she is angry, however, she becomes incredibly empowered, which is reflected with one of her exclusive talents Pure Rare which boosts her O.Atk after a party member faints. She is drawn to flowers, and even twirls petals around her whenever she performs a particularly potent spell.





  • The idea for the character originated from a concept art of Lycoris made by Drebbles (tbc) which NepetaLast (tbc) adopted and adapted to their game. While the character and their role is entirely different, the personality and design is quite similar.
  • Amaranth is a French name meaning "unwilting flower", and also refers to a plant of the same name. This is a reference to how Amaranth is a phoenix and thus cannot die of old age, as well as to her main motif of flowers.

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