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Amaia2 1HitWonder


The One-Hit Wonder
Full Name Amaia Michelle Azarola
Current Age 19 (1HW)
Date of Birth June 11
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Azulo, Spain
Current Status Alive
Class Brawler
Family and Relations
Cordula (Adoptive cousin)
Unknown mother
Unknown father
Main Weapon(s) Her bare fists
Ability/ies Incredible damage output at full power
Freerunning/parkour experience
Vulnerable To Not very durable
Slow to regain Magia
The One-Hit Wonder
First Appearance One-Hit Wonder
Latest Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort
Series FSB OneHitWonder

Amaia Michelle Azarola is the first fully human wielder of the spirit power called Magia, and the protagonist and main playable character of One-Hit Wonder.


Amaia is a bit short for her age, and has the muscle build of an acrobat or gymnast. She is a Caucasian with round hazel eyes and rather untidy honey-colored hair, usually worn in a bun so that it doesn't get in her way during combat. She usually wears a gray windbreaker over a white t-shirt with an orange insignia, jogging pants, and athletic sneakers. She sometimes also wears orange headphones, though she takes them off when in combat. No matter what she's wearing, though, Amaia always also wears a single earring depicting the head of a fox, which was supposedly a family heirloom.


Amaia is headstrong by nature - a trait which has only been further emphasized after learning how to wield Magia. Her incredible energy output at maximum strength has often resulted in her being absolutely convinced that she can defeat some of the most powerful beings in the universe, and will always be among the first to move onto the front lines of a battlefield, however powerful the opponent may be. Given the option, she would even go up against an omnipotent being without hesitation if it meant an exciting fight. Outside of battle, however, Amaia is actually pretty carefree, though this is overshadowed by how explosively she can react to those who provoke her anger. Her English, though certainly definable as fluent, is more comparable to the vocabulary of a well-educated tourist than that of a permanent resident, and she will instinctively shift into Spanish or Basque when she's alone or distracted. She loves acid jazz and detests pretty much every organized sport except for gymnastics and combat-style sports (boxing, wrestling, kendo, technically dodgeball, etc), and watches old kung-fu movies on weekends. She enjoys trying new and exotic foods, and drinks a coffee every morning.


By channeling the energy that she has gathered in her body, Amaia is able to unleash the ability she lovingly calls the Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa, her signature power-enhancing technique that can deal absurd amounts of damage in one fell swoop. Its super-concentrated nature means that it can shatter even the most impenetrable of barriers when Amaia is given enough quiet time to focus on the task at hand. Unfortunately, the technique is so energy-intensive that she can only get a single shot off before she runs out of Magia, meaning that she is heavily reliant on absorbing Magia from her surroundings as she fights if she wants to use it a second time. She slowly absorbs Magia in the air automatically, but can drastically speed up the refuel process by whittling away at enemies’ unused Magia reserves by punching it out of them.

Her greatest flaw, however, is that she has the defensive ability of an ordinary mortal, meaning that a single attack from a supernatural attack usually means Game Over for her. To avoid this, she has integrated elements of parkour and freerunning into her fighting style. When she isn't up in enemies' faces and pummeling their Magia out for her personal use, Amaia puts heavy emphasis on avoiding attacks using acrobatic techniques as she waits for another opening to close in for the kill and/or further pummeling.

Fantendo Smash Bros

A moveset can be found here.


Prior History

At some point during her childhood, Amaia's original parents are killed. She is adopted by the Azarola clan of fox spirits as a result.

One-Hit Wonder

Fantendo Sports Resort

Sometime after her initial adventure, Amaia somehow discovers an island resort being used by White Goddess as a trap for the heroes of the Fantendoverse. Unable to resist the temptation to punch an evil deity in the face, she punches her way through the barrier surrounding the island and forces her way into White Goddess' game, where the Beorn Android Mk.III serves as her "doppelganger."





Unten and Amaia's first interaction started with her elbowing him across a room shortly after breaking into the island resort he and several others were trapped on, just so that she could get a chance at punching a goddess in the face. Obviously, their conversations are a bit strained, to say the least.



  • The concept of Amaia's fighting style - with nonexistent defenses, unmatched offense, and focus on evasion - is heavily inspired by the Sans boss fight from Undertale.
    • This inspired the creation of Amaia's Nagi-Hezurrak Arropa, or Lazy-Bones Clothes, which is an alternate costume that looks like Sans' usual clothing.
    • Amaia's court in Fantendo Sports Resort, the Megalovania Court, is named in reference to this.
  • Amaia is frequently associated with foxes, likely as a nod to her adoptive kitsune family members. These associations include:
    • Amaia's earring, a family heirloom depicting a fox.
    • Her family's last name, Azarola, a Basque surname meaning "like a fox."