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Alyssa is a series of video games created by Marina, with mystery themes. The first installment in the series is titled Skylar, which is a short story opening the world for the main title known as Alyssa.

Plot Summary

In the peaceful town of Kiedswit, a murder suddenly takes place. This shocks everyone within the small town. A crew of investigators immediately are sent for the case, and they are all led by Urzula Heikki.

Skylar, a non-binary student living in Poland, had lived a normal life until they exprienced the murder before their eyes. Because of this, they are forced to share their witness account to investigators. After Kiedswit calms down a bit, Skylar happens to experience another murder before their eyes in the city. Urzula later meets up with Skylar and asks them to stay with her.

Upon further investigations within the city, Skylar and Urzula are able to realize that the murderer had been planning to frame Skylar. They have to do whatever they can in order to prove Skylar innocent and discover the true murderer.

After the events of the first game, things seem to calm down in Kiedswit. That is, until Alyssa arrived in Poland.

Alyssa, a girl from America, had decided to study in the city of Kiedswit in Poland. She makes many friends there, though not completely through the best of means. Alyssa, along with four others-- Casumir, Xavier, Skylar, and Giselle-- all experience a murder of someone they had known right before their eyes, and are stunned by the incident.

Through several incidents of similar murders, Alyssa is able to realize a pattern and attempts to stop the murderer in their tracks. The biggest problem Alyssa struggles through is protecting her friends and other potential targets who must open up to her about themselves in order to protect their own lives.


  • Skylar: A title centering around Skylar Pel and an opening mystery which they must solve.
  • Alyssa: The sequel to the original title, centering around Alyssa Wenn, and also features Skylar. The game introduces several new characters which play key parts in the mystery. The game concludes the mysteries opened up in Skylar.



  • Skylar Pel: The main character of the first game. They are introduced as a confident and strong person, though as the game continues, their self-esteem strips away. In the second game, they appear as an ally to Alyssa who has knowledge related to the case due to their first appearance.
  • Urzula Heikki: The main ally of Skylar in the first game. She works as the leader of a crew of investigators in the first game, which Skylar works within. In the second game, she reappears and initially is shown as having no knowledge of the case, but later opens up to Alyssa.


  • Alyssa Wenn: The main character of the second game. She came from America to Poland in order to study in a university in the city of Kiedswit. She is very curious and does not let any details get past her, and tends to ask lots of questions. She has to work to get the rest of her friends to open up to her in order to protect their lives. She works in investigating the mysteries after she and Xavier get into a risky situation togther and work together to make it out.
  • Giselle Zaman: Alyssa's best friend. After a major case of murder, she felt it was necessary for her to aide Alyssa in her investigations. She works well in noticing the hidden details that may have gone unnoticed.
  • Casumir Yakhana: A friend of Alyssa's. He is a horror writer, yet he is somehow rather squeamish and does not work well in dangerous situations, and because of this Alyssa wishes to keep him out of the investigations.
  • Xavier Kapan: The leader of a crew of detective in Kiedswit. After one of the first cases, he and Alyssa realize the next target of a murder and work together to protect her. For the rest of the game, Xavier works as the leader of the crew and aides Alyssa.
  • Daniela Avrensk: A very close childhood friend of Giselle. She is a potential target of the murderers. Alyssa wishes to protect her, though wishes to keep the fact that she is a target a secret from Giselle, for her own wellbeing.


  • The series draws a few elements from Investigator S, a scrapped series by Marina.

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