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Alyssa is an upcoming video game in production by Marina for Steam. The game is a mystery-themed, interactive visual novel which centers around a series of murders in a town in the sparsely populated northeastern United States. The plot also focuses on the five main characters and their trials in self-discovery and relationships with each other.


The game is three-dimensional and played from first person. The player controls Alyssa using WASD, and may talk to other characters or observe objects seen around the world by moving the cursor to them and left clicking. The main point of the game is to investigate cases based around murders, and get all of your evidence together until you can come to a conclusion.

In the investigations, you choose one partner to be with you to help you. There are three options with the main protagonists, as Xavier is a mandatory partner to be with you for majority of the time as you are in investigations. Each partner has a different way of how they investigate, and somewhat work as a difficulty mode for the investigations. You can, however, switch out your partner mid-investigation.

Plot Summary

Alyssa, an undercover detective from New York, was dispatched on a mission to investigate a serial killer in a town in the sparsely populated region of northern Maine. She was provided with a list of four prime suspects who were not yet under investigation by police. Her job was to subtly get information from them before turning the information over to the authorities. The four suspects were named Giselle, Skylar, Casumir, and Xavier.

Alyssa, despite her job description prohibiting her from it, began to form close bonds with all of the suspects, which she had not expected. Due to her close bonds with them, her job becomes much more difficult, and unveiling the truth becomes more painful.


# Name Description
1 Alyssa Alyssa begins her third week in town. The suspects are introduced.
2 Daniela Daniela, a close friend of Giselle's, gets attention from the media as she now has become the prime suspect. She runs away from home.
3 Uncover Alyssa returns to her investigation and uncovers a vital piece of information from Xavier.
4 Xavier A series of devastating murders take place in different locations of town, deliberately complicating Alyssa's investigation.
5 Database The story of what happened to Skylar prior to the events of Alyssa begins to be told.
6 Morbidity Alyssa uncovers essential information to the identity of the murderers.
7 Leader Several of Alyssa's suspects are cleared of the potential of being murderers as a hostage situation takes place in town.
8 Trial Skylar's story continues. They search for aide as they realize they are being framed for murder.
9 Misled Alyssa takes the bait on a hostage situation.
10 Truth Alyssa discovers the truth behind all of the murders.
11 Error Skylar's story ends; they have a fateful encounter. The motives of the true culprit are revealed.
12 Skylar The lives of all of Alyssa's friends are at stake in the final standoff.
13 Alyssa The ending.

Main Characters

Art Description
Alyssa2016 Alyssa

Alyssa is the main character; the story is told from her point of view. She is an undercover detective from New York City. She came to the quiet town to investigate a series of murders that have a clear connection. Her mission becomes more difficult as she begins to learn more about her suspects and begins to care abaout what happens to them.

Skylar2016 Skylar

Skylar is a non-binary person who is a resident of the town. Skylar is seen as the most likely suspect, though not enough proof is available. They spend much of their free time at a local café, and they seem to have been framed or threatened for many murders.

Part of the way through the story, the story shifts for a short amount of time to tell Skylar's story.

Giselle2016 Giselle

Giselle is one of the many likely suspects. She is a Japanese woman who is in town to visit her father. She spends much of her free time at a local forest park. She is a prime suspect due to the fact that two separate murders took place in those woods.


Casumir is a Polish immigrant who came to America for university. He is an author and a likely suspect due to the subject matter of his writing -- horror -- and the topics which they cover, which mirror the events which would later happen in the town.


Xavier is the final suspect. He is a police officer of the very small police squad in town. Though it is not to Alyssa's knowledge, he is aware of the fact that Alyssa is an undercover detective and deliberately seems to make her investigation more difficult.

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