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Alyssa: Wenn You Reach Me
Alyssa Wenn You Reach Me
English logo
Developer(s) Existence Software
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing, Ltd.
Platform(s) Nintendo Chrome
Genre(s) Crime,
Single player
Age Rating(s)
M for Mature
Media Included Nintendo Chrome optical disk

Alyssa: Wenn You Reach Me, often shortened to Alyssa: WYRM or Alyssa 2, is a 2015 mystery adventure game created by Jake. The game is a spin-off of Marina's "Alyssa" title, and stars the titular character in her second adventure. The game is being created for the 2nd Unofficial Series Swap Day.

WYRM only features two of the main characters from the original Alyssa title: Alyssa Wenn and Giselle Zaman. The other characters are heavily referenced throughout the game, as are the events of the previous title.


WYRM has a more open gameplay than the prequel game. The player controls Alyssa, who is capable of interacting with various items or speaking to both strangers or to her friend, Giselle, who follows her around.

WYRM features a large, open world. The town in which the game occurs features a variety of areas one can explore, including several houses, a high school, an elementary school, the police department, part of the university and a farm. Every area contains clues for Alyssa.

WYRM features two main gameplay segments: investigation and presentation. She works alongside the police in the game, as a sort of freelance detective. In investigation segments, which make up most of the game, Alyssa and Giselle wander around the town, speaking to people and gathering clues. Presentation gameplay segments feature quick time events and puzzles hidden within conversations between Alyssa, Giselle and a group of police officers. Some areas, such as the farm, include several minigames in order to gain access to new areas.


Alyssa, having been studying oversees in Poland, decided to return to her family in America for Christmas and surprise them, alongside her best friend Giselle. After she arrived at her home, she found her parents to be missing and the interior of her house in shambles. Confused about this turn of events, Alyssa headed to the police department, where she learned more about their disappearance and that the police had been looking into it for the past few days.


Name Description

Alyssa Wenn

Alyssa is the main protagonist, and the character controlled by the player. She currently lives in Kiedswit, Poland where she previously helped stop the murdering of her and her friends.

Giselle Zaman

The closest of Alyssa's friends that she made after moving to Poland. Giselle's father was born in Japan, and because of this she is very interested in Japanese culture. Giselle joins Alyssa when she returns to America for the holidays.
Sheldon Wenn Sheldon is Alyssa's father. He works as a chemistry professor at the university that he and his wife live by. He was kidnapped for unknown reasons.
Blossom Wenn Blossom is Alyssa's mother. She works as an English professor at the university that she and her husband live by. She was kidnapped for unknown reasons.
Janeva Doe Janeva is a strange woman, claiming to be a student of both Sheldon's and Blossom's lectures. Janeva is originally drafted by the police as a suspect, though with an alibi she was quickly released from custody. She plays the role of an anti-hero throughout the game.
Astraea Mólis Astraea is the head of the city's police office. She comes from Greece, and often mispronounces/misuses English words; though she is the best officer on the force, earning her the title of chief. She leads the investigation to find the Wenn professors, though does so against her will as she holds a grudge against the two for unspecified reasons.
Harold Stevens Harold is a high-ranking member of the police force, being Astraea's partner on the field. It is him who keeps the investigation going, and aids Alyssa when Astraea decides to mistrust her. Giselle refers to him as the Postman, due to his boring name, uniform and the fact that he just runs back and forth delivering messages between both parties.


  • Like their daughter, the names of Alyssa's parents are both based upon flowers.
  • The name of the game is a pun. Based upon the phrase "when you reach me", it replaces the first word, "when", with Alyssa's surname, "Wenn".
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