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The Alternist Historn is a strange book that details the chronicles of the Fantendoverse. It is filled with background information on the Fantendoverse and is detailed with strange symbols within.

It's pages are black with white writing. On the cover, it features a large eye in the center. It seems to move when there is no one nearby. Side note: This book is meant for background information on the Fantendoverse. Anyone can add a chapter into the book.

Warning etched inside

Warning! The contents of this book detail of a unchangeable future! Prolonged use of the book will put you in danger as well giving side effects such insanity, spontaneous combustion of the brain, blood vessels popping for no apparent reason, and dizziness.

You have been warned.

Table of Contents

  1. The Three Deaths
  2. Atlantis
  3. Artemis Glade
  4. Mer de Nef
  5. The Realms
  6. The Unknown Realms
  7. The Fairy Queen
  8. Timewharx
  9. Lapisverse
  10. Pyramidis
  11. Lucy
  12. The Mistake
  13. Catalyst

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