This page is a list of other continuities that contrast with the Fantendoverse. These alternate realities co-exist and can be traveled to and from. Anybody is able to create an alternate Fantendoverse and add them to the list below. Please note that the list isn't complete and most likely will never be, considering that there are infinite continuities and only a select few are elaborated on.

For more information regarding how it's structured, visit this page.

Alternate Universes

Minor Universes

A few universes are or have been mentioned at some point throughout the Fantendoverse or discussions with writers for the Fantendoverse, if you have an Alternate Fantendoverse that either makes minor mentions or is something of topic please add it below along with a short description of any information about it.

  • The Stolen Universe - The main universe where Fantendoverse characters are stolen by The Programmer from, if a character has obvious parallels to a Main Fantendoverse character in the Hiddenverse this is likely the Universe they were stolen from, nothing is known about this universe other than the characters stolen from it
  • Byeahverse - The universe where Byeahs exist, it is unspecified whether this is the Jermaverse or something different but is merely used in conjunction with the existence of Byeah #3113 in the Main Fantendoverse

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