Altabrava's regular appearance
Current Age 22
Species 50% Altaria

50% Vibrava

Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Cotton & Wind
Vulnerable To Ice
Height 1.1m
Weight 17.4kg
First Appearance Pokemon Fusion
 Altabrava is a Pokemon in Pokemon Fusion. She takes a role similar to a merchant in other games, offering the player items to buy for their journeys. Being a fusion between Altaria & Vibrava, she is cautious but very kind hearted often hinting at things the player should be observant of when venturing.


Prior to the events of Pokemon Fusion, Altabrava was a young adventurer with her colleague, Darukey. They would often adventure off into the woods in the surrounding area and play with the Pokemon in the woods, however as time passed on Darukey's adventuring made him want to go further and see more, however Altabrava's cautiousness prevented her from following along with him and the two eventually seperated, Altabrava hasn't seen or heard from Darukey in over 2 years since they last adventured.


Pokemon Fusion

Altabrava acts as the Merchant of the game, selling and buying goods to and from the player. She is very kind and will often hint at some ways to find secret locations in various areas, she also will ocassionally request specific items and give the player rewards for doing so.


More akin to a Vibrava than a Altaria, Altabrava has many common features of a Vibrava including the yellow-ish skin colour as well as the four legs and compound eyes. Similar to an Altaria however she has elongated horns as well as cotton covering her main wings and tail wings. Additionally she has a Beak and three-toed feet.


Almost always happy, Altabrava is rarely seen to be sad or unhappy. Her happiness often radiates around to other nearby character making them appear more cheerful. She sometimes acts motherly towards the player, warning them of the dangers of adventuring but won't stop the player from adventuring.


While rarely in battle, Altabrava posesses several defensive attacks that help her protect herself and others.


  • Whirlwind
  • Cotton Guard
  • Lock-On
  • Dragonbreath
  • Gust
  • Dig