Alpha Soldier
Alpha Soldier
Full Name Alpha Soldier
Species Darkness
Satan's Army
First Appearance Savage Fighters

When Beta Soldier left Satan's army, Satan created a new soldier, and made sure that it was better than Beta Soldier in every way. He called it Alpha Soldier. Alpha Soldier proved to be one of satan's most loyal troops and had soon targeted Beta Soldier and defeated him. Beta Solider, however, came back to life and fought Alpha Soldier one last time. Once Alpha Solider had been destroyed, Beta Soldier became the new most powerful soldier in the galaxy. Some say however, that Alpha Soldier still lives on, waiting to get revenge on those that wronged him...

Moves When Fighting Him:

Slashes with Darkness Sword.

Flies up and shoots lazers of darkness down below.

Sucks everything into a black hole, and then spits it out.

Summons in many demon underlings.

Summons in a demon shield to prevent damage.


Alpha Soldier is a ruthless killer and will murder anything that gets in his way. This is to be expected since he was made by The Devil himself.