Main game(s): Mario & Luigi: Powerful Partners and Fantendo Souls

OK, so this is the very first Draft Board post, and it will reveal a major change happening to Mario & Luigi: Powerful Partners, so big, in fact, that the old idea is being completely scrapped.

The new game Mario & Luigi: Treasured Souls will feature the new villain Bonedec, a mysterious treasure hunter who has kidnapped Peach, stolen the castle jewels, all the money in the kingdom and has taken over Bowser's Castle and, by using a special machine, has made the kingdom a constant heatwave. The game also has Princess Peach and Princess Daisy in a special minigame that comes with the game: Revengeful Rampage.

Fantendo Souls, the popular game announced in a recent blog. The game features many Fantendo characters traversing the worlds. Story stars a new villain, who has been tentatively named Darkburst, who has come to Unten's planet of Zeon. After a long battle, Unten was defeated (gasp!) and he calls upon the heroes of the universe. The heroes, on their way to Zeon, must travel through the different universes, in a Super Mario Galaxy-like way. On their way, they also encounter various enemies, in which try to stop them. The heroes can also use special power-ups: Racing Rubber (to run faster), Spring Mushroom (to jump higher), M1911 Pistols (can shoot bullets, lasts until hurt) and Bat Crystal (turns characters into bats, and allows them to fly).

K, ya. So check back often to see new Draft Board updates!!

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