Main game(s): Tokage Adventures! and Copyforce Beta

Welcome to the second Draft Board post, this one focusing in on the new Alpha Gen character Tucker Palli and his game Tokage Adventures!, a game that has just been announced. Tokage Adventures! features the evil wizard, Cosmic Waundd. Cosmic was once the wizard, and only Therence (a human like creature with three eyes and a tail) of Tucker's town, but got cast away by the villagers after destroying the corn field nearby. He comes and kidnaps Tucker's sisters Jazz and C. (who's real names are Jasmine and Chelsea) and Tucker's girlfriend, Julie, due to Tucker being the most popular person in town. Fortunately for Tucker, everyone in Ancennia (the country he resides in) knows the story of Cosmic and where he lives (on the top of Mount Bunkbidt) and he goes on a journey to save his sisters and, most of all, the love of his life.

Next is the game Copyforce Beta, a game that has been announced since FWVF 2011, but little info has been released on the matter. The known fact is that the game is a crossover between the two most unlikely partners: Link, the swordsman and hero of Hyrule and Kirby, the pink puffball and saviour of Pop Star. The story has finally been announced, right here, and now; and is as follows:

Once upon a time, on the planet of Pop Star, two evil doers named King Dedede and Meta Knight had teamed up to finally eliminate Kirby, and to do this, they decided to build a black hole maker, to send him into space... FOREVER. So, they had to test it to see what would happen, so they attached a Waddle Dee to a rope and threw him into the black hole. After twenty seconds, they pulled him back out. He said that he wasn't in space, he was in a medieval-like kingdom, on a field, and that there was a guy dressed in green on a horse rushing towards him. As no body knew who that was, they all jump in the Black Hole, and landed in Hyrule, where sure enough, the guy in green was still rushing towards them. King Dedede grabbed the Waddle Dee and threw him at the green guy, knocking him off his horse. Seeing this, the great lord Ganondorf decided that it will be easier to eliminate Link and have the Princess if more then one person would fight together to stop him. So, he teamed up with Dedede and Meta Knight and headed to Ganon's Tower. Back on Pop Star, the Black Hole maker had been left on, and Black Holes were appearing everywhere! Kirby was the first thing that was sucked in, and when he did the generator malfunctioned and went "SPLAT". Kirby decided to help Link, who told them about a fat penguin and a masked knight who did this to them, and how they went to Ganon's Tower.
Prologue, Copyforce Beta

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