Main game(s): Pokémon XD: Cipher's Return

Announcing the new magazine that will hit stores everywhere soon (not really): Magazine Beta!! Magazine Beta is Alpha Gen's official Fantendo magazine. The articles of the magazine will be found on an unspecified page and will include three things (right now): Reviews, reviewing canon and fanon games, Music Mania, the best music from games that month, and lastly What Should've Been, similar to The 'Shroom's "What Should Have Been" section, and includes ideas that should've been each month.

Next is Pokémon XD: Cipher's Return, where more info (including a new name) will be announced. First, the new name is Pokémon XD: Midnight Dawn and will feature the main Shadow Pokémon: Regigigas. The story takes place in Orre, two years after Pokémon XD happened. Cipher has broke out of jail, The Under has been resurrected and a new city, named Muntain Cove has been built at the base of Mount Battle. Many new Pokémon have started to appear, such as the two new Shadow Pokemon (which are caught at the beginning of the game): Basculin and Buizel.


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