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This blog is to run down EVERY single game coming in early 2012, along with a new logo of Magazine Beta, Alpha Gen's new magazine.

  • Super Mario Powers: Γ
  • Galaxx
  • Power Combat
  • Destiny Blob
  • Game in the Wave
  • Ragged Ice
  • Super Mario RPG 2: Prophecy of the Seven Shards
  • Copyforce Beta
  • SNES Kart Racing
  • Pokémon XD: Midnight Dawn
  • Mario Hoops 3D
  • Tokage Adventures!
  • Super Mario: Time X

Actually, a funny thing about Super Mario: Time X... the name is going to be changed. Yeah, the name just sounds weird (Super Mario: Time X.. think about it) and will be made to make more sense. The new name is Super Mario: Time Storm, however, like Super Mario: Time X (and any other game up there) these titles could easily be changed. I also want to announce a new concept that is so far unofficial: a new Team Gemstones game might be made in 2012 by your's truly. The game will be called Team Gemstones: Torchlight, where all the main heroes and villains fight to get to a treasure: One Million Pokébucks. However, everyone gets tricked by the evil villain (an unnamed Pikachu) and will have to team up to free themselves and defeat the villain. The idea, however, is under consideration with a Team Gemstones-Faitingu crossover and a Team Gemstones racing game. Another game that is coming soon is a Mario & Sonic game called Mario & Sonic All-Stars Dream Olympics.

Also, as I said before, here is the logo of Magazine Beta.

Magazine Beta

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