This is the December 2011 archive page for Alpha Gen's Draft Board.


Name Date
Treasuring Secrets December 16, 2011
Taking a look at Mario & Luigi: Powerful Partner's new major change, along with a more detailed plot on Fantendo Souls.
The Tokage!! December 19, 2011
Taking a look at Alpha Gen's newest character and a video game starring him. More plot of Copyforce Beta is also included.
Magazine Mania! December 20, 2011
Announcing a new monthly magazine, similar to that of Fantendo Power and Nintendo Power. Also taking a look at Pokémon XD: Cipher's Return and the new name for it.
Comin' in 2012!! December 21, 2011
A run-down of all the games coming from Alpha Generations, Inc. in 2012! Also including a logo for Alpha Gen's new magazine, Magazine Beta.
SNES Comeback! December 27, 2011
So many more facts about the new Nintendo 3DS game SNES Kart Racing, along with a look at a newly announced remake of a classic SNES title.

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