Type of Company Company
Founder(s) Snow Kyogre (tbc)
Founded at/in 2013
Area(s) Served Europe, Japan, America
Owner(s) Snow Kyogre (tbc)


Super Pikmin Land (Banned)

Kirby U: The Ultra Jewels (Released 2015)

Kirby U: Dark Meta Knight's Revenge RPG (not being worked on currently)

Kirby Tennis (currently updating) (Released 2015)

Paper Mario: All-Star Adventure (nowhere near completion)

Kirby U: Ocean Adventure (indev, 24% complete)

Mining Quest (very close to completion)

Pikmin World (near completion)

Super Smash Bros. Gamma (nowhere near completion)


Super Mario: Island Adventure

The Legend of Zelda: Darkness Returns

Kirby: Infinity

Mario & Luigi: Galactic Rivals

The Adventures of Nima

Pokemon Cloud and Pokemon Comet (nowhere near completion)


Waddle Omega

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