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Alpha-V, the Weapon of Sorrows.
Full Name Alpha-V
Date of Birth December, 2016 (during the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory)
Gender Female
Location Svarga
Current Status  ???
Class Clone
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Alpha-V is a character introduced as a alternate costume for Rachel Harel in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. She is a clone, quite literal in the sense, of Rachel created by The Threat. She is not the exact same character though, as she uses magic to mimic Rachel's "abilities" as opposed to using Shielding Gauntlets.


Alpha-V is a black haired human woman with green eyes. She appears identical to Rachel except missing the tattoos and has a scar shaped like The Threat's symbol down her back. She wears tattered purple robes with the Threat's insigna across the front. She wears a pair of red gloves and wears red stockings.


Alpha-V is a clone with a free mind but not a free will. Under the control of the Threat, Alpha-V is forced to fight and attack, even kill if it has to go there. Alpha-V has some of Rachel's scattered memories, although she is aware she is a clone. She has somewhat of a identity crisis due to this. She doesn't understand much of what is considered right or wrong, although she hates fighting. When fighting, Alpha-V is visibly trying to hold herself back, much to her failings. Her method of fighting is notably more aggressive than Rachel.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Alpha-V was confirmed on 6/24/17 as a alternate costume for Rachel. She has unique taunts and victory poses, as well as using a purple shield effect. She shares the same exact moveset as Rachel. She appears in Days of Victory with a currently unknown role.

Powers and Abilities

Alpha-V differs from Rachel in that she actually has magical abilities, using them to mimic Rachel's attacks. She uses a purple colored magic, which she seems rather proficient in.



  • Alpha-V was inspired by Phase 4 from Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade and Fern the Human from Adventure Time.