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Developer(s) LYON Games
Console Type Home Console
Release Date(s)
HD, Wi-fi, web browsing, chat/IM

The Alpha is a home console announced by LYON Games as a part of Project New Year. The console is to be released New Years Day 2013 with two games.


The controller will be flat, similar to that of the Wii U Gamepad. The controller will have two control sticks in the center, with a start and select button above it. There will be shoulder buttons on the back of the controller (L + R). On the right of the controller are four buttons (A, B, Y, Z). On the left of the controller is a directional pad.


The TouchPad peripheral is pretty much the Wii U's Gamepad. The buttons and such are all the same, but there's a touch screen right in the middle of the controller. The TouchPad does not display the game like the television screen, but usually acts like the bottom screen of a DS.

Arcade Wheel

The Arcade Wheel peripheral was specifically designed for the upcoming game, Mario Kart Alpha. The controller will have the A, B, Y and Z buttons to the right of the wheel, with the start button on the left. Two triggers are on the back of the wheel, and there is a large button in the middle for item use. The controller will hook up to two pedals (gas and brake).



In Progress


Similar to the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation3, the Alpha has achievements for each of its games. The achievements can earn points, which can be used to buy certain things. Sometimes, DLC can be unlocked in games by earning achievement points.