Aloha Vaega
Full Name Aloha Vaega
Current Age 24
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Salelologa, Samoa
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Class Barista
Main Weapon(s) Sledgehammer
Ability/ies Good crafting skill, agile, very fast worker
Nationality Samoa
Ethnicity Polynesian
Height 5'3"
First Appearance The Los Angeles Crew
Latest Appearance Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side

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Aloha is a human from Samoa. She has skill in crafting after taking it up as a hobby while living on her home island.


Aloha is a short 24-year-old Polynesian woman with tanned skin and long dark brown hair. She wears a black leather jacket with studded sleeves and a blue shirt underneath, red skinny jeans and black boots. She has light brown eyes and has a tattoo going down her legs.


Aloha was born on the island of Samoa, and was raised around the capital. When living on the island, Aloha liked going out into the wilderness and finding things. Her sense of adventure was what inspired her to take up crafting and was able to build plenty of things from what she could find. When she was 23, she moved to the United States to put her craft skill to use. She ran into Connie Webster when she was just turning 24. Connie persuaded Aloha to help her out after a while of knowing each other and they have worked together ever since, alongside a team Connie was already in.


Aloha is very chilled out, very calm, very jokey. Aloha's personality is a very laid back kind, and Aloha manages to make anyone calm, regardless of who they are.


  • Aloha works as a barista at Greenbacks, the RTAverse's main cafe outlet, in her spare time.