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Allison Stethoscope
Allison Stethoscope, the newest member of the Twisted Cross.
Full Name Allison Stethoscope
(Allison Gattergoat)
Date of Birth December 12th, 1991
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Twisted Cross Member
First Appearance  ????
Allison Stethoscope (born Allison Gattergoat) is the newest member of the Twisted Cross (now under the name "Sharpened Cross"). She was found by Olivia Blade, Beth Operatino and Kathleen Kutt and is more or less the replacement for Susan Syringe, who left the group. She is the youngest member of the group.

Her parents are unknown.


Check back when I make it up!




Allison Stethoscope is a wild, psychopathic girl (with no real clear disorder ever being described) and compared to the mostly timid Twisted Cross/Sharpened Cross members she tends to be much louder and ambitious. Apparently one of her packs contains a megaphone which she uses to wake up fainted people. She also likes using her stethoscope as a whip, laughing as she hits people with it.

She prays to A-L-M-I-G-H-T-Y and similar to Leah Needlenam, makes up a bunch of nicknames for Netnu. She pays exclusively in coins, which is every shop register's nightmare.

It is somewhat implied that she has feelings for Leah Needlenam, which may be actually reciprocated. However, neither goes anywhere with it, given that their lives may take a turn for the worse if it were to be followed through.


Leah Needlenam


Olivia Blade


Beth Operatino


Katheleen Kutt


Susan Syringe





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