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"Alligator Guy" written by Exotoro

Traverse is the fifth episode in Fantendo the Animated Series' second season. It was written by Exotoro, who wrote most of the episodes in that season.

The plot follows a background character called Alligator Guy, who eats baguettes. In a quest to get more bread, he winds up on a pirate adventure.


The episode begins with Unten walking past Alligator Guy, who is chowing down on some bread. Unten wonders where he gets that bread, and the scene shifts to five days ago, with Alligator Guy chowing down on a baguette. Now out of food, Alligator Guy wonders the streets and does some dancing and even singing, but nothing seems to work.

He heads inside Rachel's tavern, where he overhears a bunch of sailors who are planning to go to "bread island". Using a piece of paper, he signs up with the sailors and heads aboard a ship.

The ship has a smooth journey until it crosses paths with a bunch of pirates who plan to go to "bread island" as well. A fight ensues that the sailors loose, with Alligator Guy forced to dance for the pirates. One night his tail accidentally hits one of the pirates, causing the pirates to make him walk the plank. As he jumps, he lands on ground; the pirates have hit "bread island".

Alligator Guy finds some bread growing on trees and proceeds to take out the captain with his tail, making his crew grab all the bread on the trees and bushes and sail back. He then retires as a captain and goes back to his peaceful life of eating bread on the streets all day.

In a post credits scene, the captain wakes up and grabs one of the creatures; a butterfly made out of buttered toast, and chews it violently, swearing revenge on Alligator Guy.

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