Allie McManus
Allie McManus
Allie McManus, the intimidating bully who's aggression is his passion.
Full Name Allie McManus
Date of Birth November 17th 1986
Gender Male
Location Smilexia, Smilonia
Current Status Alive
Class Lawyer, Bully
Latest Appearance Mr. Chilli (Game) (2011)

Allie McManus is a lawyer in Mr. Chilli. He is Mr. Chilli's bully.


Allie has a daunting broad Scottish accent, as described by Chilli. He is very negative and is always trying to make Chilli's life misery, he has teased Chilli since they were at school together. But Chilli is learning to stand up to him, but of course, the player can decide their fate together. He isn't the brightest and hides his anxiesty issues on bullying.


Allie is noticabley chubby and overweight. He has ginger hair, slightly freckled, and wears a black waistcoat over a white shirt, he has a dark blue and white tie and wears a kilt over a pair of black trousers with very thin white stripes.


  • He is the only Mr. Chilli character to appear in both games, except Chilli himself, he was driving a car in the first game. As confirmed by Fusion Entertainment.
  • He only trained to be a lawyer to continue to make Chilli's life misery as he left school with little education due to his troubles.