Rocky Ridge

World Type: Normal Level
Native Species: Lava Hogs
Gems: 400
Eggs: 6
Enemies: Rhinos
Fodder: Slug
Appearances: All Fired Up
Level Music: Music

Rocky Ridge is a normal level in the Spring Lake Home World in All Fired Up.

Level Description

The level is set within a mountain and it's lined with lava and high rocks. There is an egg thief hideout in this level.

Egg Thieves

There is two egg thieves in this level. There is a mini-level portal in the level to access it. You have to pay 300 gems to access the area, however. The first thief is catchable without the need of a supercharge track, so the supercharge is turned off, while the second one needs to the caught with it turned on. The second thief only becomes available to catch, after catching the first one.
1: Full starFull starFull starEmpty StarEmpty Star
2: Full starFull starFull starFull starEmpty Star

Joey the Penguin Challenge

This area can only be unlocked after freeing Joey the Penguin from the Summer Savannah Home World and completing his level. The task is to shoot down all the flying sheep, there are 30 of them. When there is only 10 sheep to go, they start to attack you. The floor in this level is completely lava.
Full starFull starFull starEmpty StarEmpty Star


  • Filip - Reach the end of the level.
  • Jasmijn - Found on a low ledge
  • Léa - Found in Joey the Pengiun Challenge
  • Antoine - Complete Joey the Pengiun Challenge
  • Iris - Egg Thief 1
  • Ebbe - Egg Thief 2

Skill Points

  • Complete Joey the Penguin Challenge without taking a hit, upon doing so you gain an extra life.
    • Full starFull starFull starFull starEmpty Star

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