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Spring Lake Home

World Type: Homeworld
Gems: 400
Eggs: 5
Fodder: Sheep
Appearances: All Fired Up
Level Music: Music

Spring Lake Home is the first home world in All Fired Up. There are 400 gems and 5 eggs in this homeworld.

Level Description

The Spring Lake Home is set around a lake and there is grass and trees. Throughout the level there is a tutorial on powerups (superflaming), gliding and swimming underwater. On the land there are sheep, which can be killed and they help restore health (and gain extra lives). There is also a helicopter, which take the player to the boss level and then the next world.


  1. Koen - In front of the player at the start of the level.
  2. Karp - Found after superflaming five trees.
  3. Dominique - Giving to the player after completing the gliding tutorial.
  4. Keely - Found near the helicopter.
  5. Cadogan - Found at the bottom of the lake.


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