Aqua Cove

World Type: Normal Level
Native Species: Seals
Gems: 400
Eggs: 6
Enemies: Rhinos
Fodder: Frogs
Appearances: All Fired Up
Level Music: Music

Aqua Cove is a normal level in the Spring Lake Home World in All Fired Up.

Level Description

Aqua Cove is set mostly underwater, with a small area above water. There a three challenge portals in the level.

Hiawatha's Challenge

This area is above water, as Hiawatha can't swim. You have to "smash" your way to the top of a hill. Boulders and TNT will be rolling down the hill and you either have to smash the boulder or spin your club to avoid being blown up by the TNT. Halfway up the hill you get an egg. In the second half of the challenge, the boulders will bounce down the hill, and thus some don't need to be smashed, and the TNT will roll down the hill much faster. At the top of the hill, you get another egg.

"Clear the pipe"

There is a flooded mine shaft in a challenge portal. You have to get through the entire shaft without hitting the obstetrics in there. There is an egg at the end of the area. There is also a skill point for hitting all the enemies in the shaft.

"Magic" Slide

There is a slide in one of the challenge portals, there are gems running all the way down it and an egg at the end


  • Mozes - Reach the end of the level
  • Giulia - Earned halfway through the level
  • Miroslav - Clear the pipe
  • Verusha - Reach the end of the magic slide
  • Risteárd - Complete the first half of Hiawatha Challenge
  • Tereza - Complete the second half of Hiawatha Challenge

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