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The Boxart

Modes== Single Match

Battle Star Mode

Online Wifi Mode


Trophy Room



Dream Events


Characters and Quotes

Team Mario

Mario:I'm not a koopas!

Luigi:You are brothers

Princess Peach:She doesn't like a french fries

Princess Daisy:Oh! It's trouble link

Yoshi:No no no! BOWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bowser:What? isn't it!

Dark Bowser:GWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not fine

Bowser Jr.:Oh yeah!


Waluigi:I'm not mansion

Team Sonic

Sonic:I'm so faster! yahoo!

Miles "Tails" Prower:Yeah! sonic nice going

Knuckles The Echidna:Hey! Annoying here

Amy Rose:Helper it's not my guess

Blaze the Cat:Ha! king of egg Hohohohoho!!!!!!

Dr.Eggman:Aha! I'm not a sonic robotnik?!

Vector the Crocodile:Your name for mine!

Shadow the Hedgehog:Hmph! fine

Silver the Hedgehog:My name is silver the grandma named 'Julia' is just died

Metal Sonic:I'm a metal sonic the robotic of sonic

Team Annoying Orange

Orange:Hey Hey apple!

Pear:You're an oranges?

Apple:Ha! I'm a uncle of greater

Passion Fruit:Huh? what knife?

Grapefruit:Oh! orange?

Midget Apple:You mine mine mine!

Marshallow:Yay! I wanna to do hehehehe!

Pumpkin:I'm so fat hahahaha!!! and heheee......Yo!

Tomato:yo yo yo! I'm not rap......ahahahaha!!!!!

EM&EM:Hey orange! what isn't working a machine!?

Team Busy Beavers

Billy:My name is billy the brother

Betty:Is it yours! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Mr.Martin:what? really think

Mrs.Kangaroo:Oh! my birth of me Boy! Yeeha!!

Mr.Bear:Do you like sandwiches?

Baby Kangaroo:Yes I Like sandwiches!

Mrs.Pig:the egg is not Earthquake!


Super Mario 64 Theme

Bowser's Road

Yoshi's Island final boss

Super Mario Galaxy 2:Final Bowser Battle

Harbor City

Eggman's Theme:Sonic 2006

Death Egg Zone theme S2

Knife theme long version

Kitchen Inturder theme

Pear Theme long version

Busy Beavers Theme

Betty's Revenge! Rock remix

Dark Martin's Battle of Dark Beavers.     

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