WARNING: This page contains content that is not suitable for younger children. You have been warned.

All-Star Cutta (tentative title) is a Beat 'em Up for the PlayStation 3 being made by Lemmykoopa24. It follows a clique of teenagers that decide to get revenge on the snotty rich kids in the other town. It is rated M for Language, Violence, and Suggestive Themes.



Gameplay & Controls

You take control of one of the teenagers, or you get up to 7 people to play as well, and you go out in the town of the snotty rich kids to pay them back for humiliating them so many times. Some characters are stronger than others, while some may be faster. Certain characters can perform a co-op move to attack wider swarms of enemies and gain more points.

  • L - Move
  • X - Jump
  • Square - Punch
  • Circle - Kick
  • Triangle - Pick Up
  • R1 - Block
  • R2 + L2 - Co-op move


  • Tyrone - A short, tough guy that wears a hockey helmet and wields a hockey stick. He's pretty tough. Punching will cause him to attack with his hockey stick and kicking will make him do a long-range slapshot with a hockey puck.
  • Lenny - A chunky character that fights with an AK-47. Punching will make him shoot a constant stream of bullets, while kicking will make him do a 360 No Scope.
  • Manny - A huge teenager with a hulking build and great strength. He will just punch and kick. He can pick up heavier things.
  • Salem - A semi-big character that decreases enemy's attack power with each hit he lands. Punching will make him bodycheck and kicking will make him fire basketballs and enemies. By holding L2 and R2, he will pass the ball to a teammate, run back, receive a pass and pop a J at the enemy's head.

Rest TBA...





Combo Breakers and Score Multipliers




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