All-Star is the ninth episode of the first season of Fantendo - Alternate Worlds. It is written by Drackula and Sr. Wario.


Unten meets a very different "Victory" squad as they come across a new threat...

Episode Transcript

The episode starts with a battle scene. Two frog-like robots are seen chasing a green creature through the street, but suddenly a barrier of light blocks the robots from getting to the creature.

Flip: Oh geez! Those droids sure are flipping out!

Data: You know you don't have to say that every time, right?

Flip: GAH! Where'd you come from?

Data: Places. 

Data and Flip are seen fighting against more droids, Flip punching them and Data using an arm cannon. It then cuts to Unten surrounded by robots, as his hands spark with blue electricity. Unten punches one of the robots, and suddenly it gets shocked with electricity and falls to the ground. Unten smirks.

It then cuts to Mika running through the city, throwing fire at robots. However, a robot grabs her with a claw arm and flings her into the air.

Mika: AAAH!

However, a strange construct of light surrounds Mika, protecting her from her fall. The camera pans out, revealing the light to be coming from Squav's amulet.

Mika: Thanks babe!

Squav: No problem! After all, I'm just saving your life, haha. 

Mika chuckles, before jumping down and shooting a fireball at a last android. They meet up with Unten, Flip, and Data, and they see a Blue Frog flying through a small jet machine in the sky.

Pilf: NO! My Pilfdroids are failing! Guess I'll have to do this myself!

Pilf jumps down from his jet and tackles Flip to the ground, but a brown, putty-like fists punches him in the face and pushes him off Flip. The putty figure says nothing, but glares daggers at Pilf.

Flip: Wow. Thanks for the help, Rubber!

Rubber: ...

Unten, Rubber, Flip, Data, Mika, and Squav all suround Pilf, who laughs nervously. The episode then cuts to 2 weeks earlier. 

More to be added.

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