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Alisha Daniels
Alisha on community service
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Wertham
Current Status Dead
The Community Centre
Family and Relations
Curtis (ex-boyfriend), Future Simon (ex-boyfriend), Shaun (ex-boyfriend in alternate timeline), Simon (boyfriend)
Ability/ies Instant Arousal (formerly), Social Pariah (formerly, on ecstacy), Clairvoyance
Vulnerable To Touching
Nationality English
Height 1.55m
The Cock Monster
First Appearance S01E01
Latest Appearance S03E08/Erazer
Crystal meth. That stuff makes you crazy. My friend Chloe did it, she nearly shagged her brother. And he's really ugly.
Alisha, S01E01

Alisha is a promiscuous party-goer, who was put on community service for drink-driving and fellating a breathalyzer.


Misfits: Wertham Warfare

Alisha is a starter playable character in Wertham Warfare, alongside the other four ASBO five and Rudy.


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