The planet Alinds.

Alinds? You're actually going to go that far just to visit it? I mean, it's not even in the Milky Way!
Nequeo, Metroid Prime 4

Name: Alinds
Location: Tetra Galaxy
Discovery Date: 2XX1
Mass: 2.2 trillion teratons
Class: XII Planet
Size: 18,000,000
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium Trace Gases, Sulfuric Deposits from the planet's core and scares Hydrogen traces.
Distinct Features: Extenstive damage to the planet's crust that runs staight down into the inner core due to core explosion.


Alinds was once a very lush and thriving planet full of life. On its southern hemisphere once stood giant forests of calcified wood, as well as oceans that yielded life in various forms. Sometime in the Alinds' history it was inhabitited by the race known as the Alimbics who built structures throughout the planet. Sometime during the time on Alinds, the Alimbics began construction of a mighty weapon know as the Alimbic Cannon. It's is not known exactly how, but at somepoint after the construction of the canon, a massive chain-event was initiated which in turn caused the very core of Alinds to detonate. The resulting explosion cracked the planets crust as well as sent massive amounts of magma to the planet's surface. What is now left is a deadly world rimmed with fire, dust and smoke.


Alinds is now intertwined with cracks and fissures from its shattered crust. Each crack reveals canyons filled with lava and heat that further penatrate into the planet's core. The planet is also in a state of upheaval, as most the tektonic plate on which the land sits on are in constant motion. This regular geological motion has exposured the planet's inner layers of rock, which display various minerals and other deep hidden rock formations. Various ruins of the ancient Alimbic civilization have also surprisingly survived the planet's violent past.


Most of the planet's original inhabitants have become extinct due to the incident with the Alimbic Cannon. What life that did survive the catastrophy is extremely different from its original form. The creatures that now inhabit the new Alinds have adapted to survive the planet's new enviornment. Constant spewing of deadly gasses from the planet's dwindling core has caused many creatures to seek refuge within the many intertwining canyons of the planet, as well as within the ancient ruins themselves.

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