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Full Name Alina Yvonne Diamond
Current Age 15
Date of Birth October 1st
Zodiac Sign
Gender Female
Species Human

Light Spirit (True Form)

Location New Orleans
Current Status Unspecified
Class Holy Spirit
Main Weapon(s) Light Powers

Light Sword

Vulnerable To Dark
First Appearance Starlight
Alina Diamond is the main protagonist is the game Starlight. Alina is a 15 year homeless girl who tried to take her own life while believing she was worthless but soon finds out she is the 100th re-incarnation of the Holy Spirit of Light.


Alina's father died in a shooting before she was born and Alina's mother was crushed by falling scaffolding and lights while performing on stage when she was 9. Alina was constantly shunned by society for her race, sexuality and the fact she was poor. Alina attempted to take her own life but was stopped by the Zodiacs and told who she really was.


Alina is an African-American-Asian girl with frizzy black hair tied back in a pony-tail. Alina's eyes are a very dark blue and Alina's main outfits consist of things like odd socks, ripped leggings, patched up shirts and sweaters and old dirty skirts. Alina changes her outfit when she enters a new world to fit in and not look suspicious.


Alina is kind and caring but very shy and prefers to bottle up her feelings rather than let them out, this results in an outburst of emotions that caused her to attempt suicide. Alina's lack of money has made her generous because she knows what it's like to have nothing, her lack of money has caused her to be a little greedy with food though but she'd always shared if she saw someone who was hungry.


  • The name "Alina" means "Starlight" and is why the game is called "Starlight". The name also just means "Light", a name fitting since she is the 100th re-incarnation of the Holy Spirit of Life.
  • Alina is a Lesbian.
  • Alina's Native American outfit for the Native American world is based off of the Disney Princess and real life character of Pocahontas.