Alien vs. Predator - Final Fight
Developer(s) SimpleLine Studios
Capcom (North America)
Publisher(s) Capcom
Platform(s) SNES
Release Date(s)
January 29, 1991 (Europe)
 Febuary 1 , 1991 (Japanese)
 Febuary 11 , 1991 (North American)
1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included SNES Cartidge

Alien vs. Predator is a fighting game for SNES launched in 1991, it's made by SimpleLine Studios (Older Topline Studios).


Two worlds colides , two monsters , so much fight - Manual

Playable Characters


Gameplay footage (Alien vs. Predator X)

Predator X

Predator Omega (unlockable)


Alien Warrior

Alien Soldier (unlockable)


Predator , Predator X and Predator Omega Attacks

Uppercut - A + Up

Tiger Slash - A + Left + A

Heart Slash - A + Right

XCut (Predator X exclusive attack) - A + Y + X

Omega Spin (Predator Omega exclusive attack) - Rotate the D-Pad in 360°

Alien , Alien Warrior and Alien Soldier

Head Throw - A + Left

Claw Fury - A + A + A

Demon Bite - A + Y + X

Warrior Whitin (Alien Warrior exclusive attack) - Rotate the D-Pad in 180°

Solider Finish (Alien Soldier exclusive attack) - L or R + A

Unlocking Criteria

Predator Omega - Defeat 500 Aliens

Alien Soldier - Defeat Predator Omega with Alien Warrior


In Europe and Japanese version, the Alien and Predator blood is red, but in North American is green.

In Europe and Japanese version, the game is rated to Mature, in North American is 10+

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