Alien Havoc is a shooting game about a group of teenagers who find another dimension in their basement filled with hostile creatures. It is made by Pizzaguy22 and produced by PizzamenStudios.

The group

The group of teenagers consists of eight people. Out of these eight, you can only play as Carl.

  • Carl: The bravest of the teenagers and the playable protagonist.
  • Joey: Carl's best friend and right-hand man.
  • Maddie: A very pretty girl who Carl has a crush on.
  • Charles: A little practical jokester in the group.
  • Megan: Another pretty girl who Joey has a crush on.
  • Franky: A strong athlete.
  • Jim: A fast athlete.
  • Kevin: The mostly silent one and the brains of the group.


These are the weapons players attack with.

  • Single Shot
  • Blaster
  • Machine Gun
  • AK-47
  • ShotGun
  • Tazer Gun
  • Energy Bomb
  • Lightningsabre
  • 7 Barrel
  • 4 Barrel Shot Gun
  • Cap Buster
  • Radioactive Burner


  • Stabbers: Aliens with Venus Fly Trap like mouths and bladed tendrils.
  • Foot Soldier: Aliens with Pointed fangs, sharp claws, and energy pistols.
  • Brute Tongues: Aliens with machine guns and long bladed tongues.
  • Spazzes: Extremely fast aliens with plasma blasters.
  • Commanders: Large aliens with Rocket Launchers.

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