Alien City
Developer(s) CS Games
Publisher(s) CS Games
Platform(s) Wii U/3DS/Xbox one
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D platformer
Media Included Disc(Wii U and Xbox one), Cartridge (3DS)

Alien City is a game by CS Games. Itis maily a  3-D platformer played with different powered aliens.


There is one dark alien in Alien City, named Shade. He plotted to destroy the city with his missile launcher. However, 10 aliens formed a team to find the missile launcher in the giant city of Alien City.


The game is played as a 3-D platformer, although getting past some locks requires a game of BrickBreaker.



All the playable characters in the game. Each character can only be used in certain levels.

Image Name Description Primary attack Secondary attack Super attack
Cougar Cougar is a rough, mean, cat who can get easily angered. He takes care of enemies with his claws and blaster Claw strike


Blaster Storm
Reflection Reflection is a shadow alien who can manipulate shadows and block light. He can become intangible and walk through certain kinds of walls. Shadow sphere Shadow whip Blackout
Glasshopper Glasshopper is ajn excited bug alien. He can jump very high, but if he falls from a height too tall, then he may break. He is also rather good at glass blowing. Bug buzz Glass stream Glass shard rain
Venus Venus loves to use her plant powers to crunch on anything tasty. Though she loves to eat, she also loves to swing on her vine arms. Vine arm punch Chomp Flytrap invasion
Helioso Helioso is a bear with sun powers. Honey magnifies his power.  Helioso is very good for use in darkened levels, since he gioves off his own light. Sun claw Solar beam Sunburn bomb

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