Alice Harumi
Alice in Master of Four Seasons (Game).
Current Age 20
Date of Birth March 20th
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Female
Species Human, Arahitogami
Location Aozora, Senkaihi
Class Magician, Manipulator of the Spring Equinox
Ability/ies Able to manipulate magical powers, can control the Spring.
Arisu-chan (Luize, Lorelei, Yuki)
First Appearance Master of Four Seasons

Alice Harumi (晴海アリス Harumi Arisu) is an human who is descendant of a god (an Arahitogami) who owns magical powers based on Spring, and controls the spring season. Alice is the main protagonist of the Master of Four Seasons series.


Alice was created by a god to protect a land that was separated from Japan into another dimension by the gods themselves. This land was called Senkaihi. However, Alice was given adoptive parents when she was created to raise her so she could become a good person and thus be able to protect Senkaihi. Her parents also taught her the arts of magic in order for her to fully develop her powers. Her parents then revealed to her what her purpose was for. She kept practicing her powers with her parents' help and when she finally was aware of how to use them, she could use it to spread the spring over Senkaihi.

The gods achieved their goal of protecting Senkaihi from any evil being with the help of Alice and the others, as well as keep the season cycle properly to avoid the natural disasters, until Yamiko, the fifth girl whose fate wasn't to protect Senkaihi, but destroy it, reappeared. With her arrival, the demons and evil youkai were now allowed to access Senkaihi from the real world once again and the magicians and allied youkai became possessed, causing disasters and the death of many in a matter of hours. After the monster havoc causes the death of Alice's father, who was fighting along with her, she unleashed her "Ultimate Word" out of her anger, sadness and determination, potentially being able to destroy the demons and Yamiko. She started her journey along with her Momo pet, Hiroshi, and they would soon find the other season masters in their way.  

General Information


Alice is a very confident, kind and dutiful girl, sometimes too much which makes her have trouble thinking for herself. She loves spring, which is kind of obvious since she can manipulate it. However, Alice can get angry easily, which makes her kind of impatient sometimes. She has respect towards people she knows and some she may not know, and she specially loves her adoptive parents who raised her since she was born, even after they told her they were not their biological parents.


Alice's ability is to manipulate magic based on spring (so she can manipulate the wind with cherry petals and use magical powers to her desires). She also can manipulate the Spring season itself, so she along with Yuki, Lorelei and Luize, are in charge of the season cycle.


Alice's design shows that she has a light pink and magenta outfit. She wears a light pink dress covered by a cherry petal-like little dress and light pink sleeves with petal-like borders. Her dress is also adjusted by a white ribbon. She wears a pink cap and white socks. She has red shoes with pink small ribbons.





  • Her birth date is the date the Spring equinox starts. This also applies to Luize, Lorelei and Yuki with their respective seasons.
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