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Alice (E-Verse)
Full Name Alice
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Murkon
Current Status Alive
Class Gardener
First Appearance Hell Unbound: E-Verse Pt. 1
Series E-Verse
With no sunlight actually falling upon the face of the E-Verse, artificial light had been used to keep plants healthy in conjunction with the rain brought by the weather spirit. Alice was one of the many Elisin remembered and formed an alternative version of in their world. As with the original character, this Alice has the ability to control Spring -- but she can additionally handle the other seasons alone, able to change the weather and bring different forms of rainfall at will. A dutiful, yet malicious lady that thrives in toxicity like the E-Verse environment and its society, Alice is a dangerous, yet helpful spirit that keeps the land fertile in exchange for attention via the shows she places on.

This version of Alice is more demented and twisted than her New Prime self, being one of the few in the Primary Wave to not make any efforts to resist the ruler or control of Elisin in any fashion. A cunning master of the seasons, Alice loves to manipulate them and switch them around at will, although Elisin punishes her if she changes around the weather too much. There is a lot of strange prowess in her, with her able to reanimate the dead and restore plants if they happen to be dead. Alice is much of a prankster, often pulling pranks or deceiving others purely for the fun of it, or taking in innocent passersby as new fertilizer for her plants and growing them with the corpses that people leave behind with her or from those she had killed...usually "by accident".

Physical description

Alice looks very pale with a tint of green to her, wearing torn clothing and having a lot of rotten, dry skin with much of her skeleton visible if one looked towards her arms, legs, and thighs. Her eyes are missing, instead having glowing whites in her eye sockets and bearing an evil grin full of sharp, pale white teeth. Otherwise, she looks similarly to her canon self.


While the original Alice is a dutiful, rather matured girl, this one is merely cunning and mischievous, full of an odd desire to pull many pranks to make the population of the E-Verse even more miserable by spreading toxins through the ground to drain at the joy of the atmosphere. Part of the reason she does this is that she fears Elisin will be attacked if the people are confident enough to form plans against them. Alice has an eerie love for horror and likes to commit arson that relates to it, often causing tragedies around the E-Verse through her experiments with plants and her pranks, which usually result in injuries or even death. She doesn't intend to literally be harmful though, sometimes that's just the way she comes across.

Elisin created this Alice to especially be a friend of theirs and for support, and decided to develop Alice in such a way to make sure that no one can prank or otherwise find holes in Elisin's plots. As such, she is quite protective of Elisin and turns foul and rather nasty if someone insults them, and usually ends up boasting inflammatory or otherwise immature behavior. Unlike the original Alice, who was noted for being dutiful and responsible, this one isn't as careful about the weather conditions and likes to change it however she pleases. Alice is fearless and can be seen as somewhat of a psycho, if not just a totally crazed individual.


Alice has the dangerous ability to control all of the seasons, having a special prowess in spring. She can fertilize anything and create the specific weather conditions to satisfy different plants. If a scene calls for it, she'll drop a piece of weather onto Murkon, but will sometimes switch its course without warning, which is pretty easy. With her cunning mind, Alice can perform pranks within moments and plan them out within mere seconds. All the inspiration comes from at least one or two objects at a time. She is capable of poisoning nearly anything, able to slip it into drinks or plants and cause diseases to spread around. She often works in conjunction with Elisin.



Unlike most people in the E-Verse who acknowledge Unten and usually hate or have a odd feeling of fondness for him, Alice barely acknowledges his very existence and carries on without paying attention to him. She has pulled pranks on him however at moments where he'd rather be dead, usually being subject to the trick where she traps someone in ice and then sets them on fire to see if they'll survive the heat.