I can see heavens gates in the clouds... Shining a light on me, I can feel my wings growing... The light is slowly carrying my soul in the sky...
Alice as she is slowly dying
Alice (Ant)
Alice (Ant)
Alice, the precious mother of Roshan.
Full Name Alice
Current Age 26, 768, 657
Gender Female
Species Blue Ant
Location Sunny City (Alive)
Spends her afterlife in Heaven.
Current Status Deceased
Family and Relations
Roshan (son)

Kaida (best friend)

First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2 (1996)
Alice was the birth mother of Roshan and dear friend of Queen Kaida. She was introduced in a flashback in Skip and Sqak 2.

Before giving birth to Roshan, she and Kaida were best friends since they were childeren. Her mother and father died centuries before she met Kaida, and soon her husband got killed at the war. Alice died on the night Roshan was born after getting shot by Red Ants.


At the orphanage, Alice met Kaida when she first walked in the room. The two girls became friends all through their lives at the orphanage. Soon Kaida and Alice have grown old enough to leave the orphanage and live in the city, where they live in an abandoned farm that was abandoned before the war.

Alice and an Ant named Shun fell in love with each other and got married. Alice and Shun lived in the farm with Kaida, and her cousins Jessica and Janice.

Birth To RoshanEdit

Alice soon became pregnant a few weeks before the War. On the night of the War, Shun was volunteered to join the Blue Ant Army, which he goes with no worries except Alice. Kaida calls the doctor to deliver the baby, so when the doctor got there, Alice gave birth to her son, which she named him Roshan.


On the same night, when Alice could no longer breastfeed her child, she and Kaida go to the market for milk.
Alice's death

Kaida crying over Alice's lifeless body.

Once going to the empty market (which was empty because the people in the city fled from the war), The two girls get attacked by a group of Red Ant Soldiers in an ambush. The girls manage to escape but the Red Soldiers shot out Alice with their guns, giving her a wound on her body. Before she dies, Alice begs Kaida to take care of her son while she's gone and asks if they can sing the lullaby Alice's mother sang before she dies, Kaida sings her the lullaby as Alice passes away on Kaida's arms.

Going To HeavenEdit

Kaida is upset about Alice's death and begins crying until Jessica and Janice came, and they start crying too when they realize their cousin's body is lifeless. When a heart broke Kaida, Jessica and Janice all bury the deceased Alice near the church, Kaida puts flowers in her coffin before burying it. Once burying their dear friend, Kaida sees Alice's angel flying to heaven. In heaven Alice runs to Shun who earlier died from the war and they both kiss in a field of flowers as the gates close.


  • She is the first character in a Skip and Sqak game to die from a gunshot.
  • Sometimes Roshan has dreams of him seeing Alice's angel.