She just loves carrots
Full Name Alice
Date of Birth February 4, 2000
Zodiac Sign Rabbit
Gender Female
Current Status Alive
Class Student
Main Weapon(s) Carrot Daggers

Novalia Cottontail Bow and Arrow

March Hare
First Appearance Nova Rabbit
Alice Is a rabbit that hails from the planet Lagomorph. She got a scholarship to Galaxy Academy due to her planet's campaign for the poor. She was one of the few rabbits who made it through the entrance test.

Alice appears in Nova Rabbit, where she is a student at Galaxy Academy, she also goes under the name of March Hare. Alice has a love of carrots.


Alice is a brown rabbit that has black eyes and brown hair on top of her head. She wears a bright red scarf that is quite large in size. She also has a blue top and pink vest, as well as dark blue shorts. She typically can be see with a carrot in one hand.

Alice also carries her Carrot Daggers, Novalia and Cottontail Bow and Arrow, which are her main weapons, around with her as well.


The table below represents her report card. A guideline of ranks are listed below:

  • S = Perfect
  • A = Outstanding
  • B = High Satisfactory
  • C = Average
  • D = Below Average
  • E = Bad
  • F = Worse
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