Alexa Lexington
Full Name Alexa Lexington
Current Age  ???
Gender Female
Location N/A
Class Human
Main Weapon(s) N/A
First Appearance MySims
Latest Appearance MySims SkyHeroes

Alexa Lexington (aka Alexa) is a MySims Character. She appears in Mario and MySims! as a robot "assistant" for Dr.F. Her and Dr.F has to build up good robots for enemy attacks from Bowser and Morcubus. Unlike Dr.F, who is a mad scientist, Alexa is really serious about working.


  • We must build fighting robots for any enemy attacks!
  • Dr.F always wants to rush through a lot of things. Well, what would I expect from a mad scientist?
  • Have you seen any Bowser robots or Morcubots yet? If you have, I hope our robots are fighting them.


Alexa is really serious about her work. She must build robots that can fight to stay safe from Bowser's robots and Morcubots. But with Dr.F exploding everything and making a lot of noise, it is difficult for Alexa to work hard. Will Dr.F ever be concentrating?