40pxAlex Zima
Masky joe
Art of Alex by Bean
Full Name Alex Zima
Current Age  ??
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Yalse
Current Status Alive
Class Knight
Main Weapon(s) Duel Katanas
Vulnerable To Magic
Nationality Printipelian
Height 5'7
Series The Last Valkyrie
Alex Zima, also known as Lust by the beings of The Underworld, is a main protaganist in The Last Valkyrie. Alex appears mysteriously after Ellie Rinne is first ordered to travel to Porter and reveals his dedication towards protecting her. Ellie is not sure of why Alex is so inspired to defend her, but decides to accept him as her bodyguard for the journey anyways. As the story goes on, much more is revealed about Alex and his motivations.


Alex is a short yet strongly built male claiming to be from Printepel. Just like Ellie, his skin has a light complexion, matching that of Scandinavians in the real world. He normally wears a full suit of leather armor with brown, gold, and dark gray colorings, with an interesting piece at the thigh resembling a skirt. He also wears leather gauntlets and a long flowing gray cape. He has short and puffy brown hair and brown eyes. Most importantly is the mask that always covered his face, with half being grey and half being gold. There are also small v-shaped cuts on the bottom and two "scowling" eye holes from which he sees out of.

His personality is usually rigid and strict. His only reason for talking is to coordinate and gain information, choosing to never waste time with small talk. This makes it hard for people to get along with him or socialize. He also appears emotionless on the outside, rarely showing fear, happiness, or sadness. This is eventually revealed to be due in part to his wish to supress all emotion, believing that it is the only way to survive. By the end of The Last Valkyrie, he begins to open up his close friends, especially after his secrets are revealed.

Little is known of his past, as he rarely chooses to speak of it, much unlike verbose Amaranth Baudin. He instead continues to keep a mysterious identity as much of his past is striped away and discovered throughout the plot of the game.


Alex's role in the game is similar to Reyn's of Xenoblade: although capable of dealing high amounts of damage, his main job is to push fragile characters like Ellie behind him and protect them with his Blade Blocks. These moves allow him to nullify most damage and sometimes to even heal from it. He must also deal with drawing the Aggression of monsters away from the others so that they will focus on him instead, which is helped by some of his moves that boost Aggression.



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