Alex Greenearl
Yes Ma'Am!!! Wait That Should Have Been Sir.
Full Name AlexIcon Alexander Greenearl LightSymbol
Current Age 14
Date of Birth 6th June, 1998
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Rodkind
First Appearance Fantenstuck

ALEX is an immature TEENAGER with an unhealthy obsession with ROLLERCOASTERS and a certain LORD OF DARKNESS. He loves VIDEO GAMES, SOCCER and most of all PASTA. He loves PASTA SALADS so much. He is the OLDEST of his friends and has a distinguishing AFRO. He is always trying to prove that he isn't an STEREOTYPICAL BRITISH, and likes lots of AMERICAN COMEDIES. He hates WIND and TROLLS. He browses lots of FORUMS on his WEB BROWSER, CETUS.

He is one of the MAIN PROTAGONISTS of FANTENSTUCK. His title is the BARD OF LIGHT, and his chumhandle is burnerDash. As the BARD OF LIGHT, he can spread LUCK to OTHERS.

Trivia Edit

  • The "earl" in his surname comes from one of his favourite TV shows MY NAME IS EARL and the ALTON TOWERS Earls.