Alex (Tekken)
Alex in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Full Name Alex
Species Dromaeosaurid
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Roger (clone)
Height 155cm (5′ 1″)
Weight 75kg (165 lbs)
Eye color Yellow
First Appearance Tekken 2
Latest Appearance Tekken 8

Alex (アレックス Arekkusu) is a playable character in the Tekken series. He is a palette swap for Roger in Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament, sharing his moves and win animations. He returned in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 but now with his own slot. He also returns in the latest Tekken game, Tekken 8 too as playable character.


Alex is a cloned Dromaeosaurid made from a fossil by Doctor Boskonovitch during Kazuya Mishima's tenure as the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Alex appears to have been trained in his fighting art by Armor King. He has only made one appearance in the main storyline, being Tekken 2.

Tekken 2

Prologue Text: "Both Roger and Alex are the result of a military experiment. Doctor Boskonovitch wanted to combine the genes from a martial artist and cross it with a wild animal. It is rumored that Doctor Abel has stolen Roger and Alex and is keeping them with him in his secret laboratory. Alex is a hybrid of a prehistoric dinosaur and a lizard, and he is also the result of splicing Roger's genes. There have been similar species on the Earth many years ago".

Ending Description: Alex is studying a rock that appears to have a dinosaur fossil in it. A dinosaur's face flashes on the screen and Alex roars and starts running, gradually gaining speed. He runs up the mountain and, having got to see one of his ancestors, happily jumps up into the air, putting one of his fists up.

Tekken 8

Alex returns back to King of Iron Fist Tournament 8, which is conducted newly. Alex joins there to rescue his new friend who takes care of him as like her pet. She is Diana. Alex hears up that someone kidnapped Diana. As of this revenge, he seeks into The King of Iron Fist Tournament 8. Then he found his target that who kidnapped Diana. It is Vilx Corporation and that is led by Heihachi Mishima. Alex now power ups to defeat Heihachi and rescue Diana.

Ending Description: Alex is shown on outside of Vilx Corporation where he holds Heihachi that as he killed him. Then Diana is even happy and feels proud that Alex have done this and she and Alex goes home in peaceful mind and enjoys.