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Albha, one of the many of students in Boltzmann University.
Full Name Albha
Current Age 20
Gender Female
Location Boltzmann University
Current Status Alive
Class Boltzmann Student
Family and Relations
Shin Tezukka (former friend, classmate)
Main Weapon(s) The Twin Blades
Albha is one of first Boltzmann students and was involved in the battle that caused The Threat to attack Earth. She comes from Huxxabu and is trained in the art of the Twin Blades. She has a former best friendship with Shin Tezukka, the reason their "break-up" unknown.


Albha is a tanned human from Huxxabu with red hair. She has red eyes and wears cobbled together armor made out of a jacket and pieces of The Threat's mooks. She wears a red skirt and has grayish-brown tights. She also has red boots.


Albha is soley focused on stopping The Threat, having no time for anything but training. Nothing will chain her from this goal until The Threat is dead. This has caused her to do some rather rash decisions that aren't considered morally right. She is a much better fighter than the majority of her classmates and that's all she cares about. Anything that gets in her way better watch out.


Shin Tezukka

The Fan

The Enemy

The Threat