Alba (アルバ王国 Aruba Ōkoku lit. Kingdom of Alba) is a monarchy that occupies the northwestern part of the continent Bríatha. It was founded shortly after the death of the Eight Fell Dragons.


Alba is a country that is found on the western part of Bríatha. It borders Fiana to the west, Scythia to the south, Massalia to the southwest, Corsica to the northeast and Heimat to the east. Much of Alba is flat and has a great deal of fertile farmland leading to surplus food. There are few mountains or hills in Alba save for Mt. Albion in the country's central north territory. Mt. Albion is rich in metals and minerals and provides most of the raw material for Alba's military.


From what has been seen of Alba's military, the nation appears to favor cavalry and heavy armor infantry. Archers, while rarer, are also a fairly common sight. When invaded by the stronger and numerically superior 3st Division of Heimat forces, the Alba military managed to fight them to a standstill without any assistance from other countries. The standstill was only broken when Heimat's invasion force received reinforcements from Idenn's mercenaries. Mages seem to be fairly rare in the Alba military, though two sages were seen protecting the king at one point.


Alba was founded as a country shortly after the deaths of the Eight Fell Dragons in the year 001 of the Bríathan calendar. Alba was peaceful at first, but issues on how to rule became a major issue for the nobles and the priesthood. This eventually lead to a secession of Alba's southern territory in the year 005, forming the independent state of Massalia as a theocracy while Alba continued to remain a monarchy.

In the year 486, Alba was the first country to betray its alliance with Heimat shortly after the Fomoiri War, annexing a great deal of their former ally's western territory. This act severley damages Alba's reputation with Fianna, eventually leading to a breakoff of diplomatic ties.

Characters from Alba


  • Fann- The 50 year old king of Alba during the begining of Child of Darkness. Responsible for betryaing Heimat after the Fomoiri War 30 years previously.
  • Aeon- The 21 year old prince of Alba and first in line to the throne. A bit selfish and condescending but cares greatly for his sister.
  • Selene- The 14 year old princess of Alba and second in line to the throne. Desires to see the world outside the confines of the capital. 

Royal Guardians

  • Sidhe- The 21 year old captain of the royal guard in charge of protecting Selene. Hard working and harsh but has a strong sense of duty.


  • Ark- An 18 year old royal guard to Selene. Calm and serene but can be indecisive with most decisions.
  • Sina- An 18 year old royal guard to Selene. Willful and passionate but spontaneous with her decisions.
  • Rembert- A 30 year old knight under the direct services of Alba's king. Fiercely loyal to his king and absolutely ruthless to his enemies.


  • Len- A 16 year old thief from a small town near the Alba-Massalia border. Used to steal for himself but mostly turned his life around after falling in love with the priestess Rani.


The name Alba comes from the Scottish Gaelic name of the Kingdom of Scotland between the years 900 to 1286. The Kingdom of Alba was formed when the countries of Pictland and Dál Riata merged.