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Akira Tasmotu!
Spinoff(s) None
Dolphin TV; Tv Asahi; Hira TV

Akira Tasmotu is an series that will be first released on October 2021,this series has 5 main characters is Grunkomon, Makoto Kibyta, Meka Tysaki, Mitoshu Malyto and Shizito Musa;it is not an series that spinoff of doraemon series, instead of this series has no spinoff of other series;it has 350 episodes, has 7 seasons;each seasons has 50 episodes each

Main characters

There is total of 5 main characters in this series


Makoto Kibyta

Meka Tysaki

Mitoshu Malyto

Shizito Musa


  • Akira Tasmotu! teams never teamed up with doraemon teams

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