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Akio - UD - Stats - NEW

Akio Yukimura is the main character in Universal Deity. He is known as the Deity of Fire in the Unviersal Dimension.


Akio is quite calm, organized, and logical. He’s very serious when it comes to academics and spends most of his free time either reading, drawing, or in the Universal dimension. He is shown to be very heroic and this is seen in an attempt to prevent a robbery. Akio is not fan of wrongdoers and tries his best to assist in his community. His longtime childhood friends, Toru Ishikawa and Kana Sato, do their best to assist him in his academic endeavors and have been supporting him from the beginning. Akio’s creative side is shown in his love for drawing. He loves digital art and usually makes time to do it. Akio was once against the idea of being born of a line of basically superhumans, but later accepts and learns to deal with his superhuman powers. He is also shown to be very caring.

With FYDS activated, Akio becomes much more aggressive and enigmatic. He tends to speak in riddles to his opponents and shows no signs of fear. This is just a result of the mental effect FYDS has on the Yukimuras. The great surge of power increases confidence levels to sky high amounts.


Akio is modeled after a non-traditional japanese manga and anime schoolboy. He is a young adult with white (signature Yukimura hair color) hair and green eyes. He’s usually seen wearing a beige anorak jacket over his school uniform shirt. The Yukimura marking on his neck is only visible when he’s in the Universal dimension.

With FYDS activated, the marking glows and his left eye becomes a light grayish-blue color. His hair becomes noticeably spikier and his muscle tone increases a bit. He also exerts a combination of blue and regular fire energy and his expression becomes much more intimidating.


Akio without FYDS isn’t too strong but he, for the most part, is very fit due to his daily exercise routines. He took karate lessons at a very young age before becoming a blue belt and is quite adept at self defense.

With FYDS activated, he becomes much more stronger and faster. FYDS gives him access to a wide range of fire attacks. His fighting style involves very aggressive, but controlled, swings and strikes of brute and simplistic martial force. He utilizes the karate skills he learned at a young age combined with FYDS. It is to be noted that FYDS’s fire is not capable of melting ice.


The name Akio Yukimura roughly translates to bright snow town. This is clearly a direct reference to the location of the Yukimura estate in the Universal dimension - the awe-inspiring Snowy region of Alx.


Tier Ranking: N/A


Input & Description
UD - X Input - Akio quickly pokes forward with a forward punch.
UD - Y Input - Akio throws his fist forward; fist engulfed in a light fire.
UD - Z Input - Akio cuts his elbow forward; arms engulfed in fire/Two hits that combo into each/Decent combo starter.
UD - Straight InputUD - X Input - Akio kicks his foot down forward in a passive aggressive manner/Decent combo starter.
UD - Straight InputUD - Y Input - Akio quickly kicks forward/Good combo starter/Opponents downed when hit with tip of foot hitbox/Can be angled upwards for anti-air.
UD - Straight InputUD - Z Input - Akio tomahawk kicks forward/Two hits that combo into each other.
UD - Crouch InputUD - X Input - Akio light taps his foot forward.
UD - Crouch InputUD - Y Input - Akio quickly swings his arm downward.
UD - Crouch InputUD - Z Input - Akio extends his foot down forward; foot engulfed in a light fire.
UD - X Input(air) - Akio swipes down forward hand engulfed in a light flame.
UD - Y Input(air) - Akio knees forward.
UD - Z Input(air) - Akio performs a “cutter” kick upwards; leg engulfed in a fire.
UD - X InputUD - Y Input - Akio grabs the opponent’s arm before slamming their face into the ground.
UD - X InputUD - Y InputUD - Straight Input 2 - Akio quickly moves the opponent behind himself before kicking them in the gut.
UD - Straight InputUD - Y InputUD - Z Input - Ace Slash - Akio throws his fire engulfed arm forward; elbow leading/Chargeable; having more hitstun the more it’s charged/good combo starter.
UD - Straight InputUD - Z Input(air) - Variant of regular Z-air. Akio adds an extra downwards kick to the initial upwards kick.
UD - Y InputUD - Y Input - "Ahem" - Akio clears his throat causing a small cloud of fire to be released from his mouth that does slight damage/Gives Akio a few (4 to be exact) frames of super armor.

Note: Specials can be done with X, Y and Z. Y and Z versions of specials are slightly (like, very slightly) stronger and have slightly (very slightly) longer cool-down time than X versions. This does not apply to Macrocosm Drives. Also, only moves with motion + button inputs have Macrocosm versions which are done by inputting the motion + plus two buttons instead of one. Grabs, of course, don't have Macrocosm versions.

Input & Description
UD - QC InputUD - X Input - Pyro Flare - Akio fires a shot of fire forward with one hand/Can be done in the air in which the flame is fired diagonally/Travels decent distance before dispelling. (! - Macrocosm version travels a bit longer distance and does more overall damage/Fire also becomes a combination of blue and white colors)
UD - QC Input 2UD - X Input - Inferno Arctic Kick - Akio kicks forward with one fire-engulfed leg then kicks again with his other leg, fire-engulfed/Can be cancelled after the first kick by back-dash, front-dash or another very quick input in small time window/Good Macrocosm Drive confirm. (! - Macrocosm version has a faster start-up and cool-down and does slightly more damage)
UD - Cross InputUD - X Input - Mars Reaction - Akio slightly dashes forward and grabs the opponent by the neck before punching them in the gut, fist engulfed in a fire of different colors. (! - Macrocosm version involves Akio dashing a much longer distance, punch does slightly more damage)
UD - Charge Down to Up InputUD - X Input - Spark Avalanche - Akio wildly throws a wave of fire from the ground up that creates a damaging wall for a few seconds/Considerable cool down. (! - Macrocosm version involves Akio throwing not one but another wave of fire, right after, in front of the first to cover more space and do more damage)
UD - Cross Input 2UD - X Input - Nega Sanctuary - Akio creates a small wall of fire in mid air that stops incoming projectiles/Considerable start-up. (! - Macrocosm version only involves a visual change in which the wall of fire becomes slightly bigger changing nothing, and gaining tones of white and orange (normal color of fire))
Macrocosm Drive
Input & Description
UD - Half Circle Input 2UD - Half Circle Input 2UD - X Input - Kagayakimasu Toppu - Akio’s entire body blazes a brilliant, glowing fire that stays out for a good few seconds doing big damage to the trapped opponent/Stray fire particles go outward to deal small damage if main hitbox doesn’t trap opponent.
Universal Macrocosm Drive
Input & Description
UD - Full Circle InputUD - Full Circle InputUD - X Input - True Blitz of the Flair Snow - Akio lets out a maniacal laugh as he glows and exerts an eerie light blue color before going into True FYDS mode. In true FYDS mode, Akio’s hair is much more spikier, he emits a light blue and green aura, and he goes into a much less relaxed stance. True FYDS makes all special moves used EX and slightly increases his priority, stamina, and speed. Lasts shorter the more special moves are used.


Universal Deity

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