Akio (Image made with Anime Character Maker 2)
Full Name Akio
Gender Male
Species Human
Location No-verse
Ko, Ryo
Ability/ies Complete Arsenal
Aiko is one of the three characters that lives in the No-Verse. He dwells there with his younger sister Ko , and there friend Ryo .


Aiko is mainly cool, calm, and collected and does not like any chaos, evil, or disturbance of any type. As he relaxes, he mainly enjoys living with his sister and friend. When he is board he will simply create a universe for him to play around in, and when he is tired of that he will simply leave it.


He has white hair and red eyes, and wares a black suit with a white dress shirt underneath, with a red tie. Aiko also likes warring his brown dress shoes and white gloves.

Powers and Abilities

Complete Arsenal: Aiko has a complete arsenal, he possesses all abilities. However, he does not use this abilities full potential, he usually only uses Universe Creation to create universes, and Author Authority to make events in that universe. Neither does Aiko use this in combat because he never has to.